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Protein Synthesis Amplifier (BIO-GRO)

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Bio-Pro bio-active peptides amplify protein synthesis. Experts say "It's like fertilizer for your muscles!"
BIO-GRO produces a noticeable reduction in recovery time, after bouts of intense exercise or weight training.
Assists your body to signal and accelerate the rate at which it processes the building and re-building of muscle tissue, called protein synthesis, to help improve strength.
Maximizes the bodies' ability to synthesize protein, so you can develop lean body mass at a faster rate, and more efficiently. As evidenced by BIO-GRO's most recent clinical study, performed at the prestigious University of Central Florida by Drs. J. Stout and J. Hoffman.
bio gro, Bio-Active Peptides, Bio-Gro

How do I use BIO-GRO?

BIO-GRO comes in both an unflavored and flavored powder. See All BIO-GRO Flavors Here. Mix 2 – 3 servings twice daily in liquid such as a protein shake, pre-workout, or amino drink, and thoroughly agitate or blend; or mix with soft foods such as oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt. BIO-GRO can be taken anytime with or without food.
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BIO-GRO is a true "game-changer" from iSatori. The first to introduce a new breed of designer supplementation called Bio-Active Peptides. You can think of Bio-Gro as "fertilizer for your muscles." The ultra-concentrated BioPro Bio Active Peptides found only in BIO-GRO work best when taken daily and should be the base of any serious trainer’s program. BIO-GRO is the true catalyst to help drive lean muscle growth.

iSatori has custom engineered and patented the first and most technically advanced, low molecular weight, micro-concentrated form of Bio-Active Peptides (BAP's) found only in BIO-GRO. Designed to provide a supra-physiological effect that, once consumed, signals the body to amplify its natural protein synthesis process, helping you develop lean muscle 1-3,5,17,18, 20-24,26-29,33,36-39 and recover faster from intense workouts. 4,6,9,15,35

The engineered Bio-Active Peptides (or BAP's) found only in BIO-GRO use a patented manufacturing method, whereby cleaved protein fragments are extracted from the highest grade bovine colostrums, which are then centrifugated and micro-concentrated to form a low molecular weight, highly bioavailable powder, yielding an exact concentration of bioactive:
  • Proline-Rich Peptides (PRP's)
  • Growth Factors
  • Immunoglobulins (IgG, IgA) 1,2,5,10
  • Lactoferrin
  • Fibroblast-GF 11,16,30
There are five reasons you should use BIO-GRO:

1. More concentrated. A more concentrated form of Bio-Active Peptides means less out-of-pocket expense for you, compared to regular protein powders. That is because one small scoop (1.5 grams) of BIO-GRO contains the equivalent bio-actives as 25 grams of whey protein concentrate. That makes BIO-GRO nearly half the cost, on a serving-per-serving basis, of regular whey protein powders.

2. More convenient. Unlike bulky tablets and flavored powders, BIO-GRO is an unflavored powder in its raw form that is virtually tasteless. Though it doesn't mix well in plain water, it does mix easily into almost everything else from your protein shake to pre-workout to amino drink, and even in soft foods like yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal, and more.

3. More scientific research. There are over 32 published clinical studies that back up the demonstrated benefits of the primary ingredient in BIO-GRO. And more importantly, these studies were conducted mostly on well-trained athletes, participants who traditionally show less positive effects compared to untrained individuals.

4. More expert opinions. There hasn't been a supplement we can think of, to date, that has had more PhD-sports nutrition experts who independently support and validate the science and effects supporting the primary ingredient in BIO-GRO. Including such highly reputable names as Darryn Willoughby, PhD; Jeffrey Stout, PhD; Jay Hoffman, PhD; and David Sandler, ABD-PhD.

5. Highest quality. Because iSatori controls the domestic source of our ingredient and has engineered the first micro-concentrated, low molecular weight Bio-Active Peptides found in BIO-GRO, you can trust and count on every batch being of the highest quality and consistency; and what's more, each batch is GRAS certified, HALAL, Kosher, and produced in an accredited GMP (good manufacturing practice) facility right here in the USA.

BIO-GRO should be used by anyone who is interested in developing or maintaining more lean body mass 1-3,5,17,18, 20-24,26-29,33,36-39 and enhancing recovery from exercise or sport. 4,6,9,15,35 This would include bodybuilders, fitness, figure, or physique competitors; and athletes competing in any sport, whether collegiate, professional, or recreational. Or, anyone who finds it difficult (or too costly) to consume higher amounts of protein in a day and would rather rely on a more concentrated form of the bio-actives the body will use to amplify protein synthesis.

Absolutely! Many athletic women already do. Because BIO-GRO contains almost zero calories, zero fat, and zero sugars, it is perfect for dieters or women who are calorie- or carb-conscience yet want the bioactive benefits of protein to help develop and maintain lean body tissue-3,5,17,18, 20-24,26-29,33,36-39 And BIO-GRO requires only one tiny scoop (1.5 grams) compared to a large-sized protein shake (25 grams or more), that can leave your stomach feeling full of gas and bloated. What's more, Bio-Gro is derived from a natural source and is safe for anyone to consume.

BIO-GRO comes in both unflavored and flavored powder. Mix 2 – 3 servings twice daily in liquid such as a protein shake, pre-workout, or amino drink, and thoroughly agitate or blend; or mix with soft foods such as oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt. BIO-GRO can be taken anytime with or without food.

BIO-GRO is virtually tasteless and can be mixed in just about any drink (other than plain water) or soft food and taken with or without food.

BIO-GRO was designed to augment an important physiological function to a greater capacity than it can on its own (no matter how much protein or aminos you consume). It does this by assisting your body to signal and accelerate the rate at which it processes the building and re-building of muscle tissue, called protein synthesis. 1-3,5,17,18, 20-24,26-29,33,36-39 By doing so, you can develop lean body mass at a faster rate, more efficiently. Additionally, and equally important, you should notice a reduction in recovery time after bouts of intense exercise or weight training. 4,6,9,15,35

Therefore, BIO-GRO should be used daily and consistently over time, just as you would food or other sources of protein. And better yet, so far as the anecdotal reports suggests, the more you use, the better and more profound its effects.

Yes. To date, there are over 32 clinical studies, conducted from 1990 to 2011, which demonstrate the positive effects of the primary ingredient inside BIO-GRO, including improvements in lean body mass, 1-3,5,17,18, 20-24,26-29,33,36-39 performance, 7,10,12,19,25,34 recovery, 4,6,9,15,35 strength, 8 and immune function, 13,14 and more are currently underway.

During our four years of diligent research and development, there were several hundred "beta-test" participants who experimented with BIO-GRO. Here is a small sample of what they had to say:

  • "BIO-GRO is now part of our strict regimen of supplementation for all of our elite athletes."
  • "When we undertook the task of evaluating BIO-GRO, we were skeptical because our athletes are of a heightened level of success so any slight percentage increase in performance would prove to be significant and incredibly useful. Thank goodness we were right! Not only did we see an improvement in our [athlete's] performance, we also saw reduced recovery time using a natural product. We were thrilled! We have, to date, trained 135 elite athletes on BIO-GRO, including several Olympic hopefuls and over 134 All-Americans at the high school and collegiate level. BIO-GRO is now part of our strict regimen of supplementation for all of our elite athletes." - Jude Massillon, Owner, Sports Performance Group, Rockville Centre, NY

  • "I've gained a solid inch on my arms in one month!"
  • "I've always been a naturally muscular guy, and must admit, I'm very skeptical of most supplements. In fact, other than amino acids and protein, I don't heavily rely on any other supplements. Then we started testing BIO-GRO, and because I am the Director of Science of Education for iSatori, I got the benefit of using it well before anyone else. By monitoring my progress closely, I discovered BIO-GRO has helped me put a solid inch of muscle on my arms, during the first month I used it. And, I can tell how it markedly helps me recover much faster after workouts. I can say, with absolutely certainty, BIO-GRO is not only in a class of its own but it will set the stage in Bio-Active Peptides and is here to stay for many, many years to come." - D. Sandler, ABD-PhD, CSCS; Director of Science & Education, iSatori
  • "Everything I eat seems to turn to muscle!"
  • "I'm what you would call your typical 'hard-gainer.' Even though I am no stranger to the gym and lifting weights, all of my life, I have had the most difficult time gaining weight, let alone muscle mass. No matter what I ate, or how much protein I consumed, I just have never been able to pack on any respectable amount of bodyweight and keep it on.”
  • "That all changed when I was introduced to BIO-GRO during their beta-test phase of development. I happen to work out at a gym in Colorado, where they were soliciting for participants in their pilot studies. I volunteered, and man, am I glad I did. Over the last three months of using BIO-GRO, two sometimes three times daily, I have gained over 15 pounds of muscle mass. That might not sound like a lot, but measured by high-spectrum calipers and a body-dunk procedure, it was verified that every single ounce of the weight I gained was solid muscle mass. Not an ounce of fat. And I ate of lot of pretty much everything.”
  • "It just seemed like everything I ate turned to muscle. I have to say that without a reason of doubt, BIO-GRO was the answer to unlocking my natural ability to put on muscle mass as a true hard-gainer. This stuff is the real deal, and like they told me when they gave it to me, it's real 'game-changer.'" -Scott Charles Bell, Construction Foreman (Age 41)
  • "You might think this is just for men, but you're dead wrong!"
  • "I've been involved in women's fitness and figure competitions for over 10 years, and now I work as a pharmaceutical representative, as well as personal train over 25 clients in the Dallas area. I understand, for me and my clients, how important it is as a competitor, or someone trying to alter their body composition, to improve lean body mass favorably compared to fat mass, and BIO-GRO did just that.”
  • "When I was introduced to BIO-GRO, after one brief explanation, I immediately realized its benefits. What drew me to BIO-GRO was the convenience, because I don't always like consuming a giant protein shake, especially when I'm not hungry, and it normally leaves me with gas or bloating, which I hate; and with BIO-GRO, you only have to take one tiny scoop; what's more, I liked that BIO-GRO didn't contain any calories, sugar, or fat, which is great when you are dieting or trying to be mindful of your calories or sugar; and best of all, I was impressed by the amount of science behind it. I use BIO-GRO every day, twice a day, and recommend that all of my clients use it too." - Krista Gibson, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, & Certified Personal Trainer (Age 34)
If you have any questions, whatsoever, about BIO-GRO or your nutrition or training in general, please don't hesitate to contact one of our expert advisors directly at iSatori, by calling 1-866-688-7679 or click the contact us link.
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