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meal replacement bar, Eat-Smart Bar, protein bar

Eat-Smart® Bar

Eat-Smart has a Delicious, Award-Winning "Candy-Bar" Taste

  • Eat-Smart is High in Protein, Powered by Whey Protein Hydrolysates,
  • Which Absorb Faster & Better for Superior Results!
  • Low Sugar Alcohols & Zero Trans Fat
  • Certified Gluten-Free
(9 bars per box) 80g
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  • 330calories

  • 15sugar

  • 12fat

  • 27protein

The perfect meal replacement high-protein bar that's as nutritious as it is delicious!
With added fiber, helps you feel fuller for longer and satisfies your sweet-tooth cravings.
Whey protein hydrolysates absorb faster than regular whey protein for superior results.
Helps you recover after strenuous workouts.
meal replacement bar, Eat-Smart Bar, protein bar

How to Enjoy an Eat-Smart bar?

Enjoy a nutritiously delicious Eat-Smart bar before or after workouts or any time you need to increase your protein intake or want a healthy meal.
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An Ideal "Meal" to Feed Your Healthy Muscles, Anytime!

The decadent taste and most advanced protein makes Eat-Smart whey protein bars ideal to eat first thing in the morning, before workouts, and certainly immediately following your workout—when your hard-working muscles benefit most from a fast-acting protein like the whey hydrolysates found in Eat-Smart!∆ⱡ

Eat-Smart has a delicious "candy-bar" taste with chewy whey crisps, layered with oooey, gooey caramel. One bite, and you'll discover why, in consumer taste tests, it was the overwhelming taste champion, even when compared to some of the most popular bars on the market. But don't let the taste fool you—it has a nutritional profile to match (see the ingredients label above).

Let's start with the fact that our Eat-Smart bar is packed with 27 grams of ultra-premium protein, powered by "Whey Protein Hydrolosates" (the purest and most bioavailable source of protein); and, as countless "raving fans" have told us, it's undeniably the best-tasting protein bar you can find. Eat-Smart is truly the best of both worlds—the best in protein, and the best in taste.

Don't let the candy-bar-like taste fool you… the Eat-Smart bar's nutritional profile is unmatched: packed with the highest quality proteins, good, healthy carbs, vitamins and minerals, and high in fiber… And just as important as what it contains is what it doesn't: you'll find very little sugar alcohols and no gelatin proteins, unhealthy hydrogenated oils, aspartame, or high-fructose corn syrup.

The hydrolyzed protein, found in Eat-Smart whey protein bars, have been isolated to remove the excess fat, lactose, cholesterol, and carbohydrates… leaving a premium protein source that's ultra-pure, more quickly digested and absorbed, and packed with the vital amino acids to help you build a superior body.∆ⱡ

This makes Eat-Smart whey protein bars ideal to eat first thing in the morning (they go great with a cup of coffee), before workouts, and certainly immediately following your workout—when your hard-working muscles benefit most from a fast-acting protein like the hydrolysates found in Eat-Smart!

Certainly! That's why we chose whey hydrolysates as the primary source of protein in our Eat-Smart bars. There has been an abundance of scientific evidence in recent years suggesting that faster-acting, more bioavailable proteins, like hydrolysates, are much more efficient at inducing post-workout anabolism (the act of building muscle). The most prominent study to date demonstrated that a 35-gram dose of hydrolysate protein is, on average, 30% more effective in stimulating muscle anabolism than intact protein when measured over a six-hour period (Koopman et al., 2009).

Another impressive study (Tang, et al., 2009) suggested that ingestion of whey protein hydrolysate results in a larger increase in blood amino acids and muscle anabolism compared to soy protein or casein—both at rest and after resistance exercise.

Buckley, et al. (2009), studied whether hydrolyzed whey proteins speed recovery more effectively than intact ("regular") whey protein, following eccentric exercise. The subjects in the study performed 100 maximal eccentric contractions of their knee extensors and then consumed either 25 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein or intact whey protein. Not surprisingly, the whey protein hydrolysate group recovered fully in six hours, while it remained suppressed in the intact whey protein group. The importance of such accelerated recovery cannot be understated because it is well known that increased muscle recovery is associated directly with enhanced muscle growth.

Yet another study (Cribb, et al., 2006) measured recreational male bodybuilders who supplemented their diets with either hydrolyzed whey protein or casein (1.5 grams/kilogram of body weight/per day) for the duration of the study (10 weeks). The study found that the whey protein hydrolysate group achieved substantially greater gains in muscle strength and lean body mass compared to the casein group. But that's not all… another study has found that whey protein hydrolysate also enhances the effects of carbohydrate ingestion on post-exercise muscle glycogen resynthesis, as demonstrated by Morifuji, et al., 2009.

Because Eat-Smart is a meal replacement/protein bar and not just a "snack," they are perfect any time you need a delicious, satisfying source of 27 grams of ultra-premium protein—for breakfast, before or after your workouts, or anytime you're on the go and hungry.

Though it contains dairy-based ingredients, Eat-Smart is essentially "lactose-free" because it contains less than one-half of a percent. On a percentage basis, our bar is 99% lactose free, so it should be suitable for anyone with lactose intolerance. That means, unlike other protein sources, after eating an Eat-Smart bar, you won't need to worry about having an upset stomach, gas, or feeling bloated.∆ⱡ

Yes. Although our bar is certified "gluten-free," because the machinery we use to manufacture the Eat-Smart bar also processes other products which may contain gluten, there is a chance of trace amounts. However, in addition to our certification, we can assure you that there are not any ingredients used in our Eat-Smart bar that contain gluten.

Eat-Smart bars are 100% free of any trans fats (the bad stuff!). What may surprise you is that half of the fat content is derived from real roasted peanuts—which are good, healthy fats your body can use. Aside from that, the remaining fats come from oils used to make the bar moist, chewy, and to serve as a natural preservative.

Whey protein (from isolates, concentrates, and hydrolysates) is the predominant source of protein in our Eat-Smart bars. Eat-Smart does contain small amounts of soy protein, though, and in some cases soy has been used as a processing aid in the manufacture of some of the minor ingredients. Whereas some brands of protein bars use a manufacturing/labeling trick to "pump up" their protein content by using gelatin (an incomplete protein made from cows' hooves), we chose primarily to use only the highest quality, most bioavailable ("usable") sources of protein, from whey.

Counting net carbohydrates is based on the premise that certain carbohydrates contribute to increased blood glucose (sugar) levels, while others do not. Low carbohydrate diets (such as the Atkins' diet) consider fiber, sugar alcohols, and other such carbohydrates to be "non-impact carbohydrates," meaning that our bodies can't metabolize or use them, so they simply don't count (yet, keep in mind, they still provide calories).

Net carbohydrates are calculated by taking total carbohydrate grams and subtracting from those any indicated fiber or sugar alcohol grams. The remaining carbohydrates are considered the given product's net carbohydrates. So, since an Eat-Smart bar contains 33 grams of carbohydrates, 5 grams of fiber, and 6 grams of sugar alcohols, the "net carbohydrate" impact is equal to 22 (33 - 5 - 6 = 22). This carbohydrate "impact" may seem relatively high to some people, but the reality is carbohydrates, whether from whole-food or sugar alcohols, still contain calories. And as we know, over-consumption of calories is what leads to unwanted weight gain, particularly bodyfat.

For one good reason: your stomach. While FDA labeling rules do not require identification of the sugar alcohol content of food products (including protein bars), we added this information to our "nutritional facts" label because we wanted you to see we purposely kept our sugar alcohol levels very low; whereas most companies simply load up their bars with sugar alcohols to lower the "net impact" effect of their bar—the undesired effect, unfortunately, is that high amount of sugar alcohols can leave your stomach distressed, bloated, full of gas, and if too much is consumed, can even lead to diarrhea.

All of our Eat-Smart bars contain a "Best Before Date" on the packaging (both the outside of the box and individual bar wrappers). It is in the format of a two-digit month, a two-digit date, and a four-digit year. As an example, a Best Before of January 01, 2015 would appear stamped as "01/01/2015". If stored correctly, the bar is likely not spoiled after that date. However, eating the bar before that date will ensure you're enjoying the bar at its very best, so we do not recommend eating it if the date has passed. If, however, you have purchased an Eat-Smart bar after the date has already passed, please take it back to your place of purchase for a full refund of the purchase price (we will be sure to credit them). If you encounter any problems, please call us at 1.866.688.7679, and we will ensure you get a fresh, new Eat-Smart bar.

Absolutely! If, after one bite (or a whole bar or even an entire box), you aren't completely satisfied and find that Eat-Smart is not the best-tasting protein bar you have ever tasted, we'll refund every penny of your purchase price, for a full 60 days afterwards. That's how confident we are in the delicious taste and nutritional profile of our Eat-Smart bar. We wouldn't have it any other way!

Best in Protein

Best in Taste

ALLERGEN WARNING: CONTAINS SOYBEANS, PEANUTS, MILK. THIS PRODUCT IS MANUFACTURED IN A FACILITY THAT USES TREE NUTS, WHEAT, AND EGG. California residents only: This product contains substances known to the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.