Brian Shaw|4X World's Strongest Man

Fort Lupton Colorado

Brian Shaw is an American professional strongman competitor and winner of the 2011 World's Strongest Man & 2013 World's Strongest Man competition. Shaw is the only American athlete to win World’s Strongest Man, America’s Strongest Man, and the Arnold Strongman. Standing at 6’8” and 420 pounds he is also one of the largest athletes around the world.

Brian was born and raised in Fort Lupton, Colorado. He was born to parents who gave him a jump on being much larger than average size. His parents Jay and Bonnie Shaw both came from large families and without a doubt (and fortunately for him) that size was passed onto Brian. As a child, Brian demonstrated over and over that he was very disciplined and had a very strong will to win. He took losing to heart but it only made him push himself harder. Brian's internal drive to compete, and his obvious talent at anything athletic, drove him to excel in athletics growing up, mainly in the sport of basketball. Having an uncle who was a basketball coach helped Brian learn the game at a very early age.


With all of his hard work and dedication, Brian was able to earn a scholarship to play in college at both Otero Junior College and Black Hills State University. It was during his training to be better at basketball that he first discovered his love for lifting weights. By his junior and senior year of college, training in the weight room was Brian’s first love and basketball began to come second. He decided to pursue a career in strength and conditioning.

Becoming a Professional Strongman

After graduating with a degree in “Wellness Management” and obtaining his “Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist” certification from the NSCA he moved to Arizona. In Arizona Brian obtained a position with the Arizona State University strength and conditioning staff. While at ASU he learned more about how to train properly. It was during this time that Brian decided that he wanted to compete in a strongman contest.

Without any proper strongman training Brian entered Denver’s Strongest Man in late 2005 and won, defeating athletes who had prepared and trained properly for the contest. From there Brian set a goal of becoming a professional strongman. Seven months later he accomplished that goal by winning his pro card at Utah’s Strongest Man in 2006 and officially earning the title of professional strongman.


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