Dejan is a NPC Competitor, Bodybuilder, and Co-Owner of Center Stage Aesthetics! As a first generation immigrant to America, he is chasing his goal of an IFBB Pro Card; grinding away daily to a full time career as a Personal Trainer and Bodybuilding Posing Instructor! Dejan is also a Dragon Ball Z nerd to the max, as you see by his tattoos and car. It has been a big inspiration in his life growing up - he is a kid at heart...ALWAYS!

Occupation: Nationally Qualified NPC, Posing Instructor, Business Owner
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
Age: 28
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 250lbs

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Why did you choose iSatori?

I choose iSatori for it's cost effective and quality that it provides to myself, my competitors, and clients. All of us have been satisfied since with phenomenal results!

What got you started on your fitness journey?

I started my fitness journey as a young adult, because I was bullied as a kid for having gynoclomastia; an enlarged breast tissue for males that I developed at a young age prior to puberty. Because of that, I wanted to better myself and love myself. This gave me the discipline and motivation to push above more than most and to always want more from myself - I now know my worth!

What are your current goals with fitness, nutrition, and exercise?

My current goals are to instill my beliefs and passion into others, especially those coming from the same journey as myself. I also want to prove that you can earn a Pro Card in the Bodybuilding industry through hardwork, discipline, exercise, nutrition, balance, and above all consistency! It's always just pass that failure point that I want to achieve.

How many times do you workout/exercise per week and what does your schedule look like?

I currently workout 6 times per week.

Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Quad Based Legs

Wednesday: Back

Thursday: Shoulders

Friday: Hamstring Based Legs

Saturday: Arms, Traps, and Calfs

Sunday: Rest

**Cardio 6 days per week and 20mins posing post-workout.

What is your favorite muscle group or favorite exercise/workout?

My favorite muscle group are hamstrings. Nothing is better then failing feeling on hamstring day. I can also say, level shoulders is definitely a close second (reverse hack squat and side raises).

What is your current nutrition schedule, what's your go-to meal, and what's your guilty pleasure?

My current nutrition schedule is to eat six meals and a shake everyday. My cheat meals are on Saturday nights - usually Sushi.

My go to meal is Sushi - healthy and filling (not fried).

My guilty pleasures is ice cream and peanut butter ice cream at that!

What is your inspiration and what has been your biggest achievement?

My source of inspiration is Goku from Dragonball Z. Goku is a happy-go-lucky person, the kind of person who is friendly to everyone and everything - heavily influenced by the martial artist Bruce Lee.

My biggest achievement has been a career that I can wake up and do what I love everyday and support my family.

Upcoming Events or Plans?

My current plan is to take a year off from my last show to put on 15 to 20lbs of muscle and do prep cutting into 2024 for a national show.


BIO-GRO allows me to fully utilize the protein synthesis post-workout, while at the same time getting the recovery from the CREATINE A5X in multiple phases. This is the stack I always do in my growth phase as I train very hard -- recovery is key to adding solid muscle to the frame.

Both the CREATINE A5X, and BIO-GRO I do is "Unflavored" for both. I usually add them to my post-workout shake.

- Dejan Jajcevic

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