Eric is a Senior Financial Analyst for one of the largest investment firms in the world. He graduated from LSU - CFP Financial Planning. Eric absolutely loves fitness and has the unique ability to breakdown the science of sports and nutrition supplements. He worked at different GNCs, in different states, with different clientele of all demographics, and FitLife Brand products (iSatori) were what consistently brought clients back in. Eric has also competed in Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments.

Occupation: Financial Analyst and Supplement Science
Hometown: Slidell, Louisiana
Age: 33
Height: 6'
Weight: 240lbs

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Why did you choose iSatori?

I believe in the mission of providing high value products in an industry that needs them. iSatori is one of those companies. I've worked at different GNCs, in different states, with different clientele of all demographics, and FitLife Brand products (iSatori) were what consistently brought clients back in. I've seen the positive changes it's made in peoples lives. I wouldn't have been a believer if I hadn't witnessed this myself countless times. Even if I wasn't with iSatori, I'd still be using their products as part of my life style because I know it's high quality I have in my arsenal.

What got you started on your fitness journey?

It's kind of a nerdy start but when I was a kid, I've always wanted to be like a super hero. I wanted to look like the Hulk, have the confidence of Captain America, and the strength of Goku from Dragon Ball Z (shout out to my fellow iSatori Athlete Dejan for actually looking like him).

At 13 years old, started lifting weights in my dads garage while using old school iron man magazines for guidance. I started making muscle gains, strength gains, and more importantly, the gains in my confidence. It's one of the reasons why I love fitness so much. It literally makes positive changes in every area of a persons life.

That continued confidence boost allowed to me to say "Yes" to other growth opportunities that would've other wise scared me away. Weather that was starting a new career path in something outside of fitness, competing in Brazilian Jujitsu tournaments, vlogging with my camera in public, or just walking up to the prettiest girl on campus and asking her out @emily_randon (been dating for 8 yrs now). It's all thanks to fitness!!!

What are your current goals with fitness, nutrition, and exercise?

My current goals are to get down to about 190lbs and compete in Classic Physique at the Summer Shredding Classic 2023.

My current goals for nutrition are to hit my protein at 240gs and maintain my clean bulk at a surplus of 250cals above maintenance every day for the next few weeks.

My exercise goals are to build a better mind muscle connection with my back while doing all row movements to improve my back thickness for the show.

How many times do you workout/exercise per week and what does your schedule look like?

I currently workout 6 times per week...the basics.

Day 1: Push

Day 2: Pull

Day 3: Legs


What is your favorite muscle group or favorite exercise/workout?

My favorite muscle group are Legs for sure! Gotta be the goblet squat, nothing pumps the quads harder than a heavy globlet squat especially when you're deep in the hole.

What is your current nutrition schedule, what's your go-to meal, and what's your guilty pleasure?

My current nutrition is Monday - Saturday, 4-5 meals per day:
Protein: 220g-250g
Carbs: 200g-300g
Fat: 55g

Cheat days on Sunday! Protein goals are always met on cheat days but I don't track carbs or fats - LOL!

My go to meal White Rice and Lean Ground Turkey.

My guilty pleasures is Sushi of all kinds.

What is your inspiration and what has been your biggest achievement?

My source of inspiration is proving my loved ones right, that I can do anything if I put in the work. I'm first generation Vietnamese, so watching my parents create a life for us with nothing but a sick work ethic is inspiring.

My biggest achievement has been winning the Super Heavy Weight South USA Cup - Brazilian Jujitsu Tournament 2012.

Do you have any upcoming events/competitions or plans?

Summer Shredding Classic 2023


This is what I like to call the “Bear Mode Stack” and it’s one of my favorites to utilize around a strength/muscle gain season. This is my current winter season bear mode stack for strength and muscle gains. Give this stack a try, I know y’all are going to love it!

MORPH X5 hits like rocket fuel with its mix of nootropics, pump, and high stimulants. The energy it provides allows me to bring full intensity to every set. I love the added choline for that laser sharp focus and increased mind muscle connection. You can really feel every muscle fiber contracting during each rep. This mixed with the combination of Nitrosigine (my favorite nitric oxide boosting ingredient) and the Citrulline Malate, not only will you have massive pumps, but it’ll last longer as well. There’s a reason I always have my MORPH X5 in my gym bag 😍
MAXON Strength is the next one on the list. I love adding this because of the multiple pathways of increasing strength via Torabolic Fenugreek, ElevATP, and Kre Alkalyn. This triple combo allows the body to increase ATP, which is the energy our body uses to contract muscle fibers. Stronger muscle contractions allow us to generate more force and therefore allows us to be stronger. When I combine this with the MORPH X5, I’m feeling like Superman both in, and out of the gym. Did I mention that it’s Stim free? This means you can combine it with any of your favorite stimulant preworkouts or you can take it as a stand alone product for the strength boost.
AMINO-GRO is the last on the list. I love this for a variety of reasons. It provides me with electrolytes so I stay properly hydrated through out the day and to keep my energy up. It also contains the combination of amino acids and the famous BIO-GRO. This is an awesome combo to help keep muscle protein synthesis up so that I’m always in a state of muscle building and muscle repair. With intense training sessions, it’s always important have optimum recovery. AMINO-GRO assists me with recovering so that I’m up and ready to hit another intense training session the next day. Also, I love the Frosted Lemonade flavor! I mix it with my gallon of water and I’m sipping on it the whole day.

- Eric Pham

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