When featuring ISA-TEST GF Testosterone Booster we've alway focused in on the benefits of 'gaining strength' and 'increasing muscle mass', but 'impoving sexual drive' sorta gets mentioned last.

But this year we are excited to embrase it and feature ISA-TEST GF leading up to Valentine's Day. iSatori has never done a Valentine's Day Campaign in the past quite like this one; nor have we featured our ISA-TEST GF quite like this before. But we believe this is the perfect timing/holiday to do it.


We plan to start this campaign on Friday, February 3rd run it through Valentine's Day Tuesday, February 14th. Be sure to include an ISA-TEST GF in your monthly order for January so content can be created as early as possible. I you've already order for this month or if you don't have allotment to add ISA-TEST GF to your order, please contact us via DM and we will figure out the best way to get you the product.


  1. Take advantage of the Valentine's Day Holiday, by incorporating in our products key benefit of impoving sexual drive, vitality, libido, and performance.
  2. Max involvment from all our Influencers (Athletes, Affiliates, and Ambassadors) with a focus on the female perspective.
  3. Increase ISA-TEST GF Sales and Exposure through our social channels.

For the LADIES, we want to see Valentine's Day from your perspective and how your man taking ISA-TEST GF could make this holiday better for you! Visually we are looking for sexy/suggestive content (wearing somthing RED) with ISA-TEST GF as the reason your man will be ready. We do not want content that is too revealing, crude, or vulgar - don't do anything your not comfortable with posting or us showing on our feed.

Ladies it may be a good idea to offer your ISA-TEST GF up as a GIVEAWAY to add more value to your post. Be sure to have your customers earn the free product by answering a question (you then choose the best answer) or have them do a series of tasks like:

  1. Give me a 'Like' (and Follow)
  2. Tag 3 friends in the comments
  3. In the comments include a ♥️ emoji or have them include there favorite 'Be My Valintine' message...something alone those lines.

For the GUYS, we want to see Valentine's Day from your perspective and how you taking ISA-TEST GF could make this holiday better for significant other! Visually we would be looking for sexy/suggestive content too, but maybe you approach the subject mater in a funny/humorous way. Again, nothing too revealing, crude, or vulgar.

We would like you to use the following ISA-TEST GF product descriptiona as a guide for postings:

  • If is a precise combination of ingredients like Magnesium, Zinc, Fenugreek and Tribulus Extract that are shown to support increases in testosterone and a reduction in the "female-hormone" estrogen.
  • Confirmed in research studies, it demonstrates strong androgenic and anabolic properties to boost libido and increase muscle mass.
  • Class-leading ingredients in ISA-TEST GF have been included to help increase performance and libido. Epimedium, also known as "horny goat weed" has a long standing tradition of helping decrease feelings of fatigue and improving sex drive.


  1. Incourage customers to purchase ISA-TEST GF from
  2. Include your influencer code for a discount
  3. 'Follow' @isatori_inc

INFLUENCER CAMPAIGNS are new this year to include you in our overall marketing objectives/strategy. I will be communicating the above information early (month prior) as to the content needed and messaging around each campaign.

We plan to run 6x campaigns this year (every other month) for iSatori. These campaigns will be around our “hero” products — so most of them should be products that you would use, are using, or have used/tried in the past.

With this being our very first INFLUENCER CAMPAIGN, I am sure there will be many questions. Please let me know any question/concerns you have concerning this particular campaign...there are no dumb questions - DM @isatori_inc

Thanks again for your participation and for eveything you do for our brand!!!

- Mike Matulka | Social Media Manager