A Day in the Life of a Women's Fitness Expert
A Day in the Life of a Sponsored Athlete, Personal Trainer, and Gym Owner - Siera Capesius. Not only is she stunning on the outside, but also she is equally as gorgeous on the inside. In addition, she's got the CV to back it up. Siera is a NASM & ISSA certified trainer, Denver's A-List top personal trainer, NSL Professional Athlete, certified nutritionist, gym owner and women's fitness expert who has spent the last few years improving other people's lives.

The Making of A Women's Fitness Pro

Siera is a go-getter. She has taken her wellness business to the next level by expanding it to a studio called Modevo Fitness, located in Lakewood, Colorado. In addition, she is extremely busy working managing four employees of female personal trainers and also runs her own training business separate from her gym. “My favorite part about my business is seeing people transform their bodies and change their lives for the better. It makes me feel really good knowing I have helped someone make a positive change as I did in my life. I want to work with various people to do the same.”

The Life of A Women's Fitness Expert

Siera certainly walks the walk and talks the talk. As a female who lives in the world of fitness, her everyday routine revolves around the gym and eating healthy. Many people see her success in the fitness industry, but not everyone gets to see behind the scenes of what it takes to keep up with that success. Siera stays busy helping other people reach their fitness goals but makes sure her fitness stays priority, explaining. “My job revolves being in the gym every day but that does not mean that my own fitness can take a toll. I make sure that I implement taking supplements, eat properly and never skip a workout.”

Siera's Daily Schedule

6:00 am I wake up and immediately make a cup of coffee and breakfast. My breakfast usually consists of two pieces of turkey bacon, eggs, whole-wheat toast, and strawberries.

7:30 am The day begins with answering emails from members at my gym, Modevo Fitness, and I will start training my first round of clients. This takes up all of my mornings for 3-4 hours.

11:00 pm I have my snack at this time. The snack I pack most of the time is tuna fish with olive oil mayo, whole-wheat crackers, olives, and an orange. While eating, I will answer emails and do daily tasks for my employees.

12:00 pm This is the time I workout and I make sure to take my iSatori Morph X-treme Pre-workout. I usually workout at my gym since I am already here and it has all of the equipment necessary for my lifts. My workouts are about one hour long. After each workout, I have a scoop of iSatori 100% Bio-Active Whey Protein Powder with water.

1:30 pm I have a break in the day to go home and I can make lunch, work on emails, and nap. My go to lunch will be a 3-4oz serving of protein, vegetable soup and, a carb source. This is my down time before I have to go back to the gym and work more.

5:00 pm This is when the gym is super busy. I am setting up member's accounts, answering questions, and helping people during the fitness classes at the gym. I am also training clients at this time, doing social media posts and finishing up the final emails for the day.

8:00 pm Finally done for the day! Time to cook dinner: a typical meal is honey garlic shrimp with pasta. I will relax and start getting prepared for the next day ahead. I work a lot and often will have weeks when I do not get a day off. This is the life of a busy entrepreneur female in the fitness industry. At times it can get exhausting, but this is something I wanted since I was 18 years old and now it feels like I am living my dream.

By Siera Capesius, B.Sc. Human Nutrition, Dietetics

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