Never Enough Energy To Exercise?

Having A Personal Energy Crisis? Never Enough Energy To Exercise? Here's How To Tap Into An Endless Supply!

Too often we hear, "I never feel like I have enough energy to exercise."

We won't make this "perceived" roadblock any more complicated than it really is. We hear far too many people use this (and "time," of course) as an excuse for skipping a workout—or worse, not working out at all.

So what we are about to say might seem strange to you... because, you see, the above is a great example of the perceived problem—lack of energy to exercise—being the ultimate solution itself. Reason is, while we might feel too exhausted to work out... we really don't have enough energy simply because we don't exercise!

See, it's been scientifically proven that incorporating an exercise program into our lives actually gives us more energy by reducing our stress levels and improving overall mood. (Plus, we tend to look better!) And as you know, when we have more energy, we get more done in the day (which should include working out!).

What's more, the latest research has shown that even moderate levels of exercise can help us sleep better at night and even live longer—literally improving the quality and length of our lives—so we can wake up every day with a renewed sense of positive energy, raring to take on each new day.

How else can you achieve greater levels of energy? Simple: proper nutrition and proven supplements. When you're exhausted, you tend to make it easier on yourself to substitute fatty, fast food for healthy foods. That's why it's so vitally important to keep your body fueled with the right nutrition throughout the day. "Chemical energy" comes from the foods we eat, and as long as we feed ourselves with properly balanced protein- and carbohydrate-containing meals, we'll enjoy lasting energy. And the more closely we stick to the preferred eating strategy, the better we feel, guaranteed! That's why feeding your body every two to three hours throughout the day will provide the body with a stable, constant supply of nutrients required to be more energetic, more often—whether you're at work or in the gym.

What about focus and “feeling” energized? In the modern sports supplement era, there has become a distinction between being “stimulated” and focused. Ingredients that help your brain think clearly, also give you a feeling of wellbeing and clarity are becoming more popular. Ingredients like Tyrosine, Theobromine, Ginko Biloba Korean and Ginseng amongst many others are becoming more and more popular for improved focus and an energetic feeling.


When it comes to nutritional practices, for ultimate energy, you should live by four simple rules:
  1. Avoid deep-fried foods (like chips, French fries, donuts, even those harmless-looking Buffalo wings or fried chicken fingers).
  2. Avoid sugared soda pops (instead rely on healthier drinks like water, iced tea, or occasionally Crystal Light, sugar-free Kool-Aid®, and if you simply can't resist... a sugar-free soda or two every once in a while won't hurt).
  3. Take one serving of a fiber drink (like sugar-free Metamucil®) every night, after your evening meal.
  4. Take a multi-vitamin/mineral support formula every day.


Now we realize these nutritional "rules" may sound easy to follow—and somewhat senseless, but let me assure you, they require dedication and drive to really live by them, every day. Simply put, you have to eat smarter if you want to keep your energy levels from peaking and "crashing," which is what happens when you eat carelessly. There are also a number of supplements you can use that may immediately boost your energy levels and help you sustain a level of focus and intensity that will allow you to make the most of your workouts. Ingredients like caffeine, the amino acid tyrosine, green tea extract and “nootropics” like theobromine are leading ingredients to increase perceived energy levels and focus.

These supplements and ingredients are scientifically validated and can help power up your workouts by increasing stamina, focus and endurance. In essence, the above supplements may help give you that much-needed boost of energy you need to get your butt off the sofa and to the gym or outside for some physical activity.

So the next time you're having trouble—getting "road blocked" so to speak—lacking motivation to get to the gym, or you're feeling a little blah in the middle of the day... pay closer attention to the strategies we've provided, and give your mind (and body) what it really needs to spark your energy levels—a workout, smarter nutrition, and supplements! It'll make you look and feel better in the long run. We promise. Until next time, keep your head up and your heart in the game.

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