Sophia is a Litigation Attorney and an IFBB Bikini PRO. She truly loves all things competing, fitness, and lifestyle. Sophia also loves h
elping dedicated and passionate women to create better nutritional habits, shed unwanted fat and, build lean muscle.

Occupation: Ligation Attorney and IFBB Bikini PRO
Hometown: Wesley Chapel, Florida
Age: 33
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135lbs

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Why did you choose iSatori?

I choose iSatori for the quality products that actually work and don't have weird side effects.

What got you started on your fitness journey?

I started my fitness journey early on, I've been an athlete since age 9. When I was 9 years old, I joined a city track league. I was a cheerleader and a dancer also - but track was primary. I was a track athlete from age 9 to age 21. I also ran NCCA Division II Track.

I got to law school and all I wanted to do was get the best grades possible. So I stepped away from fitness and nutrition; all I did was study. When graduated, I focused on being the best lawyer and further lost myself. In 2018, I said enough was enough. I started out in Orange Theory and then worked my way back to the gym - I wanted to feel like my old self!

What are your current goals with fitness, nutrition, and exercise?

My current Competing and Life goals:

Competing: As an IFBB PRO, the goal will be to further improve my physique and compete. I want to compete for two reasons: 1) to do the thing I love and travel the world to do it. 2) to be competitive at the Olympia and the Arnold.

Life: Creating a sustainable lifestyle with manageable body fat.

How many times do you workout/exercise per week and what does your schedule look like?

I currently workout 6 times per week.

Monday: Glutes

Tuesday: Shoulders, Lats, and Hamstrings

Wednesday: Glutes

Thursday: Shoulders, Lats, and Hamstrings

Friday: Full Body - Touch Ups

Saturday: Complete Rest Day

Sunday: Shoulders, Lats, and Hamstrings

What is your favorite muscle group or favorite exercise/workout?

My favorite muscle group are shoulders and glutes!

What is your current nutrition schedule, what's your go-to meal, and what's your guilty pleasure?

My current nutrition schedule is in prep mode, so cheat meals or refeeds are as needed. In off-season I have them 1-3 times.

My go to meal are Kodiak cakes or oats mixed with protein powder and add in a muscle egg.

My guilty pleasures are cheese pizza, a real philly cheesesteak, fried chicken and waffles - also cookies and cakes!

What is your inspiration and what has been your biggest achievement?

My source of inspiration is my goal of not letting myself down. I did my first ever prep in 2019. At first, I was motivated by seeing how great my friend Jasmin looked and how she was winning shows. I started doing some research and joined a team. The first Prep was to get my feet wet. At the time, I didn't understand or know the difference between NPC and other leagues, so I did an NGA show. When I first stepped on stage, that's when I realized that this was for me and I wanted to keep going. I was motivated to keep improving and to win.

Prior to competing, I ran Track. I was a track athlete from age 9 to 21. My biggest disappointment in track is that I never came close to my peak before graduating college and being done with track. I allowed self doubt and laziness to get in my way and keep me from really giving 100 percent. My senior year, under the guidance of a new coach, I finally gave it my 100 percent and I finally saw how good I actually was and how great I could have been.

My new motivation in competing is to never let that happen again. I never want to repeat my track years and carry that regret. My goal is to fully see my full potential and win because I'm able.

My biggest achievement I don't think I've reached yet. However, I'm currently proud of where I've taken my legal career and the improvements I've made to my body. Both from sheer hard work and relentlessness!

Upcoming Events or Plans?

Currently planning my 2023 IFBB PRO Season!


My main body composition goals are to build lean muscle mass and maintain a relatively lean body. This is important to me because that has always been my body goals and it’s what makes me happy, it’s always really beneficial as a competitor.

I love this stack because it allows me to do just that. BIO-GRO helps me add on lean muscle tissue, AMINO-GRO amplifies my performance and recovery to help achieve the goal of muscle growth, 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY helps me keep my protein intake up and also included BIO-GRO, and lastly L-CARTNITINE LS3 helps me stay lean!

I use them as follows...

  • Pre-Workout: Mix 2 scoops of unflavored BIO-GRO with my AMINO-GRO.
  • Every Morning: One shot of L-CARTNITINE LS3 in my water.
  • Every Day: I drink or mix 100% BIO-ACTIVE WHEY in my oatmeal or waffles for added protein intake.

- Sophia Bernard

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