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You work your arms, your shoulders, your back, and your chest. You endure leg day. And then there are those abs. Yeah, you get in a regular ab workout. But you still don’t have that six-pack. If you’re looking to make your abs pop, we’ve got six tips for 6-pack abs.

“Truth be told, you don’t need that many ab exercises to build the abs you want,” stated by Men’s Health. “What you need is a holistic approach to fitness, one that takes into consideration your diet, some smart core training, and fat-incinerating total-body movements, too. 

The Best Tips for 6-Pack Abs

Just because you can’t see your abdominal muscles doesn’t mean they’re not there. They may just be hidden under a layer of fat. Unfortunately, there’s no way to spot reduce, and belly fat is the hardest to get rid of. Understanding this will give you a foundation in reality and a starting point. Now, it’s time to figure out what works best for you.

1. Increase cardio exercises

“Regularly incorporating cardio exercises into your routine can help you burn extra fat and speed your way to a set of 6-pack abs,” said Healthline. “Studies show that cardio is especially effective when it comes to reducing belly fat, which can help make your abdominal muscles more visible. Activities like running, walking, cycling, swimming or engaging in your favorite sports, are just a few easy ways to fit cardio training into your day.

HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a great option because it’s a short workout with quick bursts of energy and quick resting periods. The high intensity raises your heart rate, which helps you burn more fat faster. Boxing is a solid option for the same reason and offers two additional advantages: It can also help you build muscle at the same time, and the twisting motion can target your obliques.

2. Perform an effective ab workout

Contrary to what many of us were taught, you don’t need to do a thousand crunches a day to define your abdominal muscles. Get down on the floor on your forearms and toes and do those planks. “The plank is simply one of the best exercises for core conditioning as it improves posture, supports a healthy back, enhances overall movement, coordination, and tones your midsection,” stated by  Livestrong.

You can also help carve out those 6-pack abs by making sure they are activated during the rest of your workout, not to mention throughout the day when driving, sitting at your desk, and walking around. 

3. Evaluate and revise your diet

“Abs aren’t just made in the weight room — the real work starts in the kitchen,” said Men’s Health. “You’re going to need to approach your diet with the same discipline you bring to your workouts.”

That could mean eating six small meals a day, intermittent fasting, or even going vegan. All three have shown impressive results when it comes to improving health and reducing belly fat in combination with a commitment to fitness. However, what works for one person might not work for you. Experimenting with different eating plans or trying something new like five-minute fit meal recipes will help you pinpoint the plan that has the biggest impact.

4. Increase your protein intake

You already know the importance of protein when it comes to your workout. There is evidence that shows that “upping your intake of high-protein foods can help promote weight loss, fight belly fat and support muscle growth on your road to six-pack abs,” stated by Healthline.

If you’re already eating a high-protein diet, you probably also know that it makes you feel fuller and can help you shed weight. Next time you crave a snack, try substituting a butterscotch protein shake. Remember, protein has specific benefits when it comes to reducing belly fat.

5. Cut out the carbohydrates

While you’re increasing your protein intake, you may also want to cut back on carbs—especially refined carbs. They have little nutritional value and are often high in sugar, which can settle right in the midsection and also cause problems with your blood sugar. So next time you’re hungry for a snack instead of reaching for a cookie, cracker or soda, try a healthy energy drink

6. Add a fat-burning supplement

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