Holiday Strategies to Stay Lean and Muscular
Let's face it,

if you work hard all year long in the gym and in the kitchen, the holidays can increase your stress level as you try to maintain everything you worked so hard for all year long. Parties, family gatherings, catching up with old friends seem to always come with food and beverages that are “calorie rich”. But, let's face it there are a few things that can be done to help you keep those hard-earned abs, tight waist and etched chest and back. We'll look at our top 6 strategies to fight the bulge this upcoming holiday season. #6: Hydration: Before you go to any function, make sure you have ample water to help keep your body hydrated and stomach full. The first drink of the function should be water as well. This not only delays any calorie rich drinks you may consume, but it also lowers the number of them that you will consume.


#5: Eat lots of protein:

Protein tends to be more filling than many carbohydrates. Filling up on lean chicken or beef will digest slower than other foods keeping you “fuller” for longer. Make sure to eat your protein close to when you leave for any function.


#4: Increase your reps in the gym and implement a circuit:

Turn up the speed in the gym with a high-intensity circuit of weights and cardio equipment. This will increase your caloric expenditure both during your workout and post workout as well. Exercise Post Oxygen Consumption (EPOC) remains elevated long after an intense circuit.


#3: Use a strong thermogenic with muscle sparing and appetite control properties:

Let's face it; we all need help around this time of the year. No matter your focus and will power as soon as you're in the festive environment riddled with peer pressure, you can use a little help. A fat burner like LIPO-DREX not only increases the number of calories you burn 24/7, it also diverts excess calories and nutrients away from being stored as fat to being stored in your muscles. It is also known for its appetite- suppression qualities. This is an important part of maintaining your progress throughout the holiday season


#2: Become a one plate wonder:

If you are having a meal, one strategy is to actually fill up your first plate… but the trick is - fill up a small desert sized plate. Load it with protein like turkey and vegetables first, before you top it with carbohydrates like mashed potatoes. Oh yeah, and skip the gravy.


#1: Have your meal right before you leave for your function:

Like we mentioned in Tip #5, you'll want to focus on timing of your meals as well as focusing on protein. Because you already follow a regimented nutrition plan, eating a lean meal before heading out will help you avoid the high sugar, high fat meals and appetizers all holiday season long. So there you have some top tips to keep you focused while you enjoy time with friends and family this holiday season. Plan your days appropriately to provide balance to the season. Do this and you'll be able to skip the New Year's Resolution line at the gym come January!
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