Top 5 Tips To Ensure You Follow Through On Your New Year's Resolutions

As January comes to an end, we want to back you on all of your 2020 resolutions. It's not easy stepping up your game to get in the best shape of your life, but at iSatori, we're here to help with our top five tips for success:

5) Write your goals down.
Set a weekly short-term goal every Sunday and post it up where you can see it every day. This goal is generally a "micro goal", and can be as simple as losing 2 pounds, or achieving an extra rep on your bench press. Set an achievable long-term goal and post it on your fridge where you can see it every day. Consider your long term goal to be 12 months from the time you start. What do you want to look like or feel like when this time next year rolls around.
4) Meal prep your food.
Make your meals for the week on Sunday and pack them in Tupperware so you can easily grab them all week long. This will keep you on track with your macronutrients and help you avoid cheating on your diet. If meal prep is not your thing, look for a good meal prep service like Icon Meals or other to keep you on track!
3) Get the correct workout gear.
Having a fresh set of shoes for squatting or box jumps is essential. Get the right gear so your comfortable and ready for every workout. Some essential to focus on are proper socks that will not give you blisters, a shaker bottle to mix and drink your pre-workout or BCAAs from, lifting straps if you are upping the intensity and the weight as well as supportive cross training shoes for lifting, and running shoes if you are big into cardio.
2) Team up with a training partner.
This is simple - find someone with similar goals as you and hold each other accountable. Don't let your teammate down by not showing up and giving it your best. Plan your workouts each week and push each other every day to go a step further with intensity and drive. Accept no excuses from each other.
1) Change your training routine.
Don't get stuck in a rut - change your exercises, reps and rest between sets to keep your muscles and nervous system guessing. Keep your core exercises like squats, but add variety to amplify results. Your muscles and nervous system a very good at adapting to a regular routine, so every couple of weeks change at least one exercise per body part or perhaps even your entire workout. Shift from moderate weight to heavy, 10-12 reps to 5-6, free weights to machines, slow reps to explosive and see just how fast your body will change for the better.
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